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Greg Simkins 'Stuck Outside'

This is the original painting called 'Stuck Outside' by surreal artist Greg Simkins. It is Acrylic on canvas.

 36"x40" outside the frame and with the frame 43x47".
This is a classic Greg Simkins painting.
There are so many details in this piece it is amazing.

"I wanted to make sure to start as loose as possible and let the ideas attach themselves. Everything started with loose cloud like forms and evolved from there.

There are a lot of instances of portholes into other worlds, like in the cloud frame in Dream Catchers and The book cover in Stuck Outside.

In stuck outside I wanted to capture the instance the young boy Ralf,

falls asleep and sees his future self as a hero in "The Outside" His bed is transformed into a porcelain dinosaur

and his stuffed animal into a bluejay shaped guide."--Greg Simkins

Greg Simkins is one of the most popular painters of the pop surrealist or lowbrew art movement.

He has had tremendouse success in his solo exhibitions throughout the United States.



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