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OTHER FINE ARTISTS | Temptation of St. Anthony by Viktor Safonkin

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  Temptation of St. Anthony by Viktor Safonkin 

Temptation of St. Anthony by Viktor Safonkin

Temptation of St. Anthony

Image size: 30" x 28"   1993  Oil on Canvas/Framed 

Dramatic Viktor Safonkin surreal painting, and featured in his book, SURREALISM. The theme of St. Anthony is a classic one, having been explored in art by the likes of Bosch, Brueghel, and other masters. This is an exceptional painting by a contemporary master artist.

"I was born on 22 August 1967 at Saransk, the small capital of autonomous Mordovia. I enjoyed drawing, as all children do. Understanding my surroundings was still far away, but there were smells and feelings, huge rats and headaches. It was another life strongly influenced by nature. I had been watching and examining for a long, long time, before all of this shaped itself, after many years, into conviction and painting. 1990 was not only the year of sun eruptions, but also of my brain. My heart confessed to me and opened the gate of creativity. I crossed it forever, without looking back, with no doubt, lost for shadow and disbelief!" – Viktor Safonkin

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