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Alexander Mikhalchuk biography

Alexander Mikhalchuk

The old masters like Bosch, Arcimboldo, and Bruegel had a huge influence on me. They impressed me very deeply with their work

I believe that a painting should bring strong emotions to people, make them dream and sometimes even shock them. Any kind of art is a tool for creating emotions. The stronger emotions are inspired by the more talented master. It is wonderful, when a painting which is hanging on a wall causes a passing by person to slow down or even to pause to study it.

I always try to create something special. The images in my head are born by different means, some like a flash of light, others need a longer time to manifest. Sometimes I leave my town and work for a time in the countryside. It is very inspiring for me. I always have new paintings when I come back after my sojourn with the nature.

--Alexander Mikalchuk 

Surreal painter from Ukraine. Mikhalchuk works in oil on canvas in the classical manner.


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